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The Wolf

It was a dark night, but there was a full moon, it’s entrancing beauty fell upon a small village in rural 18th century England. Around the time of the full moon, this village has had many deaths amongst their livestock and populace, most of the town thinks it’s wolves, but one lass knows the truth.

This young lass is named Red. She gazes at the moon, the lunar rays reflecting in her unnaturally red eyes and her pale complexion, her chocolate hair illuminated by the candle at her desk. She thought she saw movement outside her window and went to her bed. As she moved the bed away from it’s frame, she grabbed a sword route of pure silver and a blood red cloak with a hood. She put her cloak on and grabbed her sword before putting her bed back and walking to the window.

She opened her window and swung herself onto the roof of her dwelling. running and jumping across these dwellings as she followed a cluster of blurs, ahead but not free of her gaze. She saw a clearing nearby and she knew that was where she was going. Within seconds of sighting the clearing, she hit the ground, scanning the area. Not even a second after she landed, a cluster of shadows landed as well, shrouded by the tree canopy. One of these figures slowly approached, and it’s features came to light.

It was a creature of sickly white and it’s skin was terribly withered, but this was a boon. As it’s deceptively weak looking hands and feet where clawed and blood dripped from it’s hands and mouth, jagged, serrated teeth coated in a thick coat of crimson. It’s eyes were deep yellow, like that of gold, but lacking in luster. It grinned. “Welcome to your grave, you red wench, you’ve ruined our outings for the last time.” As it finished, a blanket of these creatures sped towards Red.

She didn’t do anything until they were almost upon her. As they were about to tear into her flesh, hands, heads, were carved from their owners and torsos were sliced and diced in rapid succession.  She didn’t even show emotion.

This was just the chaff.

Yes, after several dozen groups were dispatched by her, she was still in fighting condition, but she was tiring and a few had managed some good blows upon her form. As she took a breath, she felt a large fist, as large as a young child, smash into her side, sending her into a tree with a loud gasp of pain and a small spray of blood from her mouth as she felt ribs crack and break. She looked at the creature that landed the blow. It was another one, but bigger, as big as a small cottage, arms that seemed almost comical, until they hit you, that is. Here was the bigger fish coming to the plate. She saw several of them, and rose slowly.

She felt their grinning gazes watch her, smiling even as she lunged at the closest one, her blade carving it’s arm away with ease.

The fun for them stopped here as Red took and traded blows with these bigger ones. At the end, she killed all of them , but her right arm was broken as well as various cracked ribs, good thing she’s a lefty. As she saw the one who spoke before walk towards her, it’s grin all but gone from it’s face. It started to grow in size and an axe that was hidden before in a tree is revealed when he punches through the tree. This is the current leader of these creatures, called Mirs, This is The Woodsman Mir.

She mustered all the energy she had left,  and lunged at the beast, striking at it with her blade, only to be knocked aside by it’s large axe. She felt the fight leave her as her blood sped away from her body due to her broken arm and a deep gash in her back.

Just as it raised it’s axe for a final blow, when it’s axe was broken by a punch from a furry figure. This figure lunged, a powerful punch blew out one of it’s shoulder. And a savage bite severed it’s shoulder from it’s forearm, and a kick pulped it’s head.

Red slowly rose as the Woodsman fell, the Wolf slowly picked her up. “A little late for our date, Wolf.” Red said jokingly. “Sorry Red, problem at home. I’ll get you patched up in no time.”

The Cloaked One and The Wolf
.... The things you find in your backlog of half finished stories and scraped projects.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

A Box.

‘DEFEAT!’ A frustrated Lash groaned out as she looked at the screen in front of her. She’d been driving herself nuts in the Yellow Comet HQ, everything was so old! It drove the poor technophile in a loop, even when  she found that the training room had computers to run battle simulations, all that did was make her want to be back in her room in Black Hole, amidst the smell of oil and stacks of scrap just begging for her to cause some chaos.

But here, all she could do was design and do simulations. The thrill of battle, the adrenaline of playing the ultimate gamble, that’s what she missed. The first week after the Defeat of Black Hole, it was parties everywhere.She grinned to herself when she got Sonja to drink that vodka she swiped from Olaf when he wasn’t looking. That night was so worth Kanabi trying to chop her in two. With a sigh, Lash pushes away from the table and goes toward the other side of the room to pound on a punching-bag, but she stopped and walked to a closet right next to the punching-bags, grabbing some boxing tape and wrapping her hands. One of the more useful points of Flak, dumb as a post, but he does notice that others are not as sturdy and reminding them to tape their hands. Lash faltered for a moment, remembering her lost friend. No, he’s not dead, at least she thinks not. The oaf probably fell down a hole and hasn’t found his way out yet.

Lash, a smile on her face as she went to work on the punching bag, beating it mercilessly. The poor thing broke about five minutes in, and Lash grinned at her handy work before disposing of the tape and trying to push the sand back into the ruptured bag, using more boxing tape to try and fix the hole. After a few minutes, she finished and was about to return to the simulation computers when an explosion shook the complex. Lash gasped loudly as she smashed her thigh into the chair because of the sudden tremor.

‘Are we under attack? Who could be attacking.... Kindle!’ Lash thought as she bolted to the door and was met by a Yellow Comet guard. Yellow Comet guards of the royal palace were the cream of the crop, so Lash was not too scared about a small attack like the one Kindle would be able to muster, the woman was pretty much useless unless she had an army behind her. “Lash, ma’am, i was ordered to get you to the bunker!” The soldier shouts, as they normally do. But Lash quickly grabbed his pistol and fired a flurry of shots as she pushed him into the wall behind him, hitting a, until a moment ago, invisible Black Hole commando right in the throat, killing him instantly. “Lead me to C&C, got it!” Lash barked as he handed her his spare pistol clips, Lash ejecting the now empty one before sliding her new one home. ‘Kindle found my old files, i thought i burned the suit plans.’ Lash’s expression turns from frustrated to grim as she realised something terrible, and she walked forward in a fast walk, gunning down Black Hole as she walked down the halls, her mind working as Lash was lost in her own subconscious.

“WHAT!?!” Yelled Emperor Kanbei and General Olaf in unison. The two leaders were having a training exercise deep in Yellow Comet’s rural countryside. “T-They came out of nowhere sirs, according to the man on the coms.” “Mobilize the troops! Get my tank ready! I will lead the battalion!” Yelled the Emperor, a fire in his eyes as his troop ran and ordered all the units to mobilize. “I ask as a friend, Kanbei. What shall i do? I can have my gunships head there and aid the defenders, or cover you on your way to the palace.” Olaf said, his words full of sincerity. “My friend, as much as i would like to ride with you again, my daughter is more important than even my life. Order your ground troops to move with mine, but those gunships will be needed to give the defenders time.” Olaf nodded as he left the tent and bellowed orders, boarding a troop carrier with his personal guard. Kanbei followed suit and both leaders rode forward on beasts of steel into the mouth of hell.

Lash grunted as her left arm took another bash into a wall, an explosion from the other side of the wall knocking debris and her into the other wall. She’d ran out of bullets a few minutes ago, switching to a knife she nicked off a dead guy, she didn’t know what side he was on, the body was covered with concrete, the knife was the only exposed weapon she could have grabbed. The next few halls were full of wounded and medics trying to ease their pain as she grabbed a rifle and bandolier from the ground near a soldier who was not gonna need it more than her. Then she saw the C&C, and the person leading the battle from a barricade outside the command center.

Sonja, even her name was beautiful to Lash, was leading the battle all over the complex from a mobile coms unit, her usual attire marred with cuts, burns, and tears. Her torso in a bulky armored vest and a helmet haphazardly dorned gave her an almost comedic look, but her glasses, though cracked, did not hide the fury she held, and every shot from her rifle brought more death than the last. To Lash, she wasn’t human, she was a goddess. “Lash! Get over here!” Sonja yelled at her. Lash complied. “What are these things?” “Stealth suits, about as good as regular armor, but can turn invisible. They were only just barely in working order when i left.” Lash replied as she fired off a burst from her rifle. “Well they work now. We got a signal out about an hour ago, right when all this happened.” “Isn’t he like three days out!?” “Olaf is with him, and he has copters. We need to hold for a few hours.” “Ah, when you put it like that.” Lash quickly tosses a grenade over the barricade, the explosion and screams following. “Sounds like a piece of cake, darling.” Lash says almost like it’s a date, her signature grin on her face.

The sight of Blue Moon copters told them they needed to move out. Three missile batteries, three strike teams. They moved silently towards the soon to be deadly artillery.

Olaf’s copter landed first, a rpg on his shoulders as he stormed out of the back, and quickly fired apon a recon unit that was turning to fire, the explosion killing a few more grunts. The number grew as his gunships raked the courtyard so more T-copters could land. Things were going great...until a unit of fighters came and wrecked one of Olaf’s gunship units. Olaf watched and gritted his teeth as he ordered the troops that hit the ground moments before, his other copters were beyond his help, as much as he wished that was a lie, he knew what war brings, better than most.

Kanbei was not faring much better, as he came within an hour of the palace, his units came under missile fire. as he ordered his troops to cover he saw an entire unit of light tanks torn to bits.

The artillery commander grinned, his unit stalling the Yellow comet reinforcements to great effect. As the next barrage fires, he notices one of the batteries did not fire, he shrugs it of, they probably need to reload. Same thing the next salvo, only now two are silent, then three, then his is the last one firing. He hears a twig snap and quickly pulls out his sidearm out with shaky hands, pointing it at the noise, he does not notice the large man behind him until the man grabs his neck and snaps it like a twig before taking his binoculars and taking his post and now firing on the Black Hole forces with their own artillery. Once the large man was satisfied, he vanished in the trees, his heading leading to the palace.

The battle inside the palace was almost over. Sonja and Lash had managed to galvanize the troops, their presence making the other fight harder. All was good until a large machine crashed into the hall about 100 meters down from them. Lash went ramrod stiff and ordered everyone down as the large mech fired it’s twin chainguns, tearing a few troops to bits. Lash orders all the troops to fill a bag with all their grenades while she grabs her knife and slices a thin layer of flesh off, exposing a dull crimson metal. As she is unscrewing the maintenance panel off, Sonja asks her of her plan.

“That, is a Juggernaught. The perfect infantry. A cybernetic suit of super hardened steel and high tech armor. Before you ask, no, i never finished it, we had a few prototypes, that is one of them. This model blinds the user in a sense. It uses hyper sensitive microphones and air samplers. It’s kinda like a bloodhound and a bat.” “The grenades?” “I’m gonna deafen the blind man. Get everyone you can back.” “But-” “No, this is Frankenstein’s monster, back to destroy it;s creator. Go.”  As Sonja turns to leave, Lash manages to get into the ceiling supports for the hallway. The Juggernaut slowly lumbered forward. Lash waited before dropping down onto it’s back and grabbed onto a recess in its armor, before rearing her arm back and punching hard with her cybernetic arm, ripping through a layer of it;s multi-layered armor, The beast tried to turn around, but Lash tossed the bag of grenades, minus the one in her hand. She hastily pulled the pin out with her teeth and tossed it into the hole before jumping from the beast. She heard the spin of it’s guns, then nothing as the bag of grenades battered them both with explosive shockwaves. Then nothing but black as Lash fell unconscious.

The Juggernaut, beaten but not broken, finally managed to get back to its proper position, the mech unit, much of it’s armor pounded away from the grenades and falling debris, exposing the pilot who felt a tap on the shoulder and turned sluggishly. As it did so, it saw a brute of a man, with a flak helmet and bright red goggles as well as an officers jacket. This lasted for a second until he delivered an uppercut, forcing the machine through the wall and into a jeep below, which exploded on impact.

An hour later, Lash comes to, seeing a very familiar face. “Flak! Where have you been?” She asks gleefully as she sees her long lost friend. “Leading the Obsidian Resistance, of course.” He replied. “The what?” “The people of Black Hole trying to get rid of that bitch Kindle and her little assistant.” “How are you a leader?” “Simple Lash, i listened to everything everyone said, i have a photographic memory. And i studied.” He replies as Lash stares at him, dumbfounded. “The mech is in shambles by the way. Oh, sorry about your arm.” He says pointing to the spot where her cybernetic arm was removed. “It’s too badly broken for us to fix, but i also learned how to read those blueprints of yours. I’m sure that Sonja girl can help make a new one.” “Where is that little honeybee, anyway?” “Pet names, Lash? You got it bad.” “Shuddup” Las says as she lumbers down the maze of halls in search of sonja. She grins as she sees the young princess resting on a small couch and plants a small kiss on her cheek lying behind her and wrapping her real arm around her before drifting into dreamland.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)

The fire crackled in the silent study, it and the moon outside of the window being the only light, as the Agder of Arendale stared at the family heirloom that he held in his hand. The blade was a fine work, crafted by a smith of unmatched skill many kings past. Years ago he thought that the icy curse that held his daughter could be culled and controlled. Years of failed attempts to sanctify his daughter of her curse, to save her. But as he walks from the study, sword in hand, his intent is not to save her. but to spare his kingdom of what she will become. The halls were dark, but he knew where his quarry would be found. Walking the dark halls as he muttered prayers under his breath as he slowly opened the door to Elsa’s room.

The room was half covered in ice, he noticed as he stepped closer to the bed and the sleeping Elsa. He was ready to strike, but as he took that final step, the floor cracked when he broke a patch of the icy coat, so thin it was invisible in the moonlight. Elsa awakens with a start and see’s the blade coming down, closes her eyes and raises her hand as if to catch it. A sharp crack was followed by the sound of metal falling to the floor, as Elsa opened her eyes to see her own father, broken sword in hand, and her own hand covered in a claw of ice. Elsa is stunned “D-Dad?!?” She shouts as she scrambles away.

Agder curses under his breath as he glances at the sword hilt, seeing that a large, jagged segment still remained attached to it, as he slowly stalked forward. “Elsa honey, i’m sorry, but i have to do this. There is much danger in you. Your powers are too dangerous, to us, your family as well as the kingdom.” He says, trying to convince himself more than Elsa. As he got closer, he saw the hurt and fear in Elsa’s eyes, and his conviction almost broke, but still he raised the blade, preparing for a killing blow, before he felt something enter his back. His hand went numb as the hilt fell from his grasp and he looked to see a sword, much simpler then his, sticking from his torso. He heard a demented giggle as he looked at Elsa, who was paralyzed with fear as he looked at her father’s assassin, a giggle he knew belonged to his younger daughter.  “Thanks for letting me in, dad. She keeps the door locked all the time.” Anna said with demented glee. His eyes were filled with terror by the fact that Anna was the danger foretold by the trolls. Her father let out a last gasp as Anna forced the blade up out of his torso by cutting between the neck and shoulder, falling to the side dead.

“A-Anna, y-y-you killed father!” She went and knelt next to the corpse, shaking it. “C’mon papa, wake up! Wake Up!!” Her pleas were filled with tears. “Oh my dear sister Elsa. If only you knew what i do~” Her tone was on the verge if madness, but her actions told that she crossed the line a long time ago. “W-what do you mean?” Elsa asked, terrified. “Oh, nothing. Just that ‘our’ parents are not your birth parents, mine either..” She said happily. “In Fact, they took you from your birth parents. And now that i don’t have to worry about them..” She said as she turned to her sister with murder in her eyes. “Your turn ‘sister.’ ”  She cut at Elsa, who brought her icy hand and blocked it before breaking out of the window. Anna smiled as she threw the blade at the ground near the window and set up her macabre puppet show. Her plan was simple, kill her parents, kill Elsa, frame Elsa, become the queen. See, Anna was always looking to quench her thirst for blood. She would find people no one would miss and bring her to what she called the snowman room. As queen, she’d not need to sneak her victims in, to drain them of each anguished scream and the ambrosia in their veins. She grinned and bared her fangs at that. Two infants, one cursed with powers she could not control, the other, cursed with a thirst for blood and pain that consumed her. She was still herself, albeit with a much more twisted version of herself, using all those snowmen to cover the mounds of dirt hiding the bodies was just too perfect to help conceal her true nature.

She looked to the window and sighed, finishing setting the stage for her greatest performance for days to come. She’d hoped to have Elsa for herself, but all things don’t go according to plan. She’ll send out guards to find her soon. For now though, she had a show to preform.

And the show must go on.

A/N: Well, i am back. Must admit, Dark Elsa made me start it, but i think Anna may provide a much more sinister villain. She’s just too perfect for me, much too white when compared to her sister. Elsa i am thinking i will make her out to be more of a feral version of the dark queen, much like Tarzan i guess, only with ice. Also, just for simplicity’s sake, Arendale is and has been in a state of heavy winter for decades, i know it’s not canon, but nigher is dark vampire queen Anna or feral queen Elsa. It’s fanfiction, not a script. Stay tuned for Part 2 and Goodnight.
The Rise of The Dark Queen
This is what happens when i have an idea of Dark Elsa and a Dark Anna is what ends up happening. Sorry if this makes you hate me, cause i am a little scared i could do this to Frozen. Whatever. Part 2 will be here......Eventually.


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